This is Me

This is me. Gangly, blonde, blue eyed and ballet obsessed. I will randomly shout ballet steps at the top of my lungs, just to get rid of some energy. Don’t try to wake me up early in the morning. You’ll get a pillow in the face.

My family and I live on a small dairy farm in Heidelberg, South Africa. The family consists of: Mom, Dad, Firn (my sister), me, about 200 Jersey cows, 200 Holstiens (whom we raise for a fellow dairy farmer), 14 workers, 8 dogs, loads of chickens, 4 geese, 8 horses, 1 cat, 1 rabbit, 1 donkey and way to many rats. And of course, God. As my sister once put it “We’re sane enough to know we’re crazy, and mad enough not to care.”

To me, ballet is my life. When I dance, I am happy. Even if I’m stiff tomorrow in places I didn’t know I had, it’s worth it. My parents have always homeschooled us, which is nice since I follow my ballet teacher like a lost puppy. If she does stage rehearsals, any time of the day, I will be there controlling the music. Anything to learn more about this stunning art.

Guns are a hobby of mine, Dad and I used to go shooting rats in the feed sheds. Now, we shoot (and eat) guinea fowl. Mind you, I’m just as comfortable in the kitchen. Don’t expect me to cook, baking is more my thing. I bake birthday cakes for just about everyone I know. Even the workers get cakes on their birthdays.

Last but definitely not least, there’s Siobhan, my 13.2 hand 4 year old pony. She is a plain bay with two white socks, and hilarious sense of humour. And the only horse I’ve met who can snicker. When I first rode her, we just clicked. She is still a beginner, so she is a bit difficult but I still love her.

That’s me, look forward to reading about my misadventures. Speak sofly and carry an AK-47 (you’ll need it).


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