Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

My parents have always said that the only culture we have is agriculture. And luckily for me, Dad was busy planting some oats for our cattle to graze in winter. The tractor was the perfect model.

Our newer tracto, fondly named "The Dawn Treader"

Our newer tractor, fondly named “The Dawn Treader”

I must skedaddle, my ballet exam is on the 24th of May and there are going to be so many extra classes. Tomorrow’s class starts at nine… I’m not a morning person!

Au Revoirs


2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

  1. I’m Not a Morning Person Either But i can get up at 8:30 and not earlier,what kind of ballet do U do?
    I hope you hvae a Good time,My dad planted oats,Corn,Beans,Alfafa
    Already so we are set untill we have to Harvest it.
    We are going to put hay up in The bran Tonight (IT’s Fun)

    God Bless Rose Ott

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