Firn’s Unforgettable Birthday

Firn’s 17th birthday was yesterday. Belated Happy Birthday Firny.

2014-02-23 09.17.46

The Parent’s birthday present to Firn, was a lunging lesson on a Lipizzaner on Sunday. Firn had also had a lunging lesson last year, and rode a Lipizzaner named Neapolitano Nanczi, Nanczi for short. And, amazingly, she rode him again this year.

Firn found Nanczi's itchy spot

Firn found Nanczi’s itchy spot

I can proudly say that my sister fell off a Lipizzaner. Twice. Okay, she didn’t really fall off, she kind of slid off the stationary horse. Her teacher wanted her to do a gymnasticy, flip in the air and land facing the horses butt move. She did it halfway, then slid off. I just like to say that she fell off a Lipizzaner…

On Monday, her actual birthday, she had to dance. Poor wee thing. We did a five minutes dance for a friend (if you read Firn’s blog, she’s the Horse Mutterers fiance) who is starting up a ballet school, and didn’t want to both talk and dance infront of the school kids. So we did the dancing part. I was a glittering fairy, princess, thingy (I’m never the bad guy) and Firn was a wicked witch. But I thought she looked more like Dracula

"I hate you people who stuff me into costumes, YOU OWE ME CHOCOLATE!

“I hate you people who stuff me into costumes,                         YOU OWE ME CHOCOLATE!”

Our friend brought her fiance and little toddler with. And man, did that kid love Dracula. She ignored me until I put my tutu on, then she patted the glitter on the tutu, with an expression that said “Sparkly!”.

I had to try on Firn's cloak, even if it looks a little weird

I had to try on Firn’s cloak, even if it looks a little weird

Happy Birthday big sis. Love ya

2014-02-22 16.47.51


An Impulsive Photo day

As I meandered down to the horse with Firn, I decided to have a little Photo day…

I started playing with Siobhan

She didn't want to smile for the camera

She didn’t want to smile for the camera

Who proudly did her (only) trick.

I'm holding a hoof pick, I'm holding a hoof pick!

I’m holding a hoof pick, I’m holding a hoof pick!

These are my attempts, and failures at selfies. I really need to work on my aim…

2014-02-18 17.10.54

Thunder decided that my fingers looked like carrots

2014-02-18 17.13.34

I look like a seductive Vampire in this one, but I was looking into the sun. Firn’s ‘what the hell’ look is perfect

My aim was way off, I know.

My aim was way off









I decided that the selfies wheren’t working, so I got Firn to take a photos of me and Magic. Magic is Firn’s six year-old show jumping Thoroughbred. But he is so cute, it’s crazy.

Kisses? For Me?

Kisses? For Me?

You need a breath mint!!!

You need a breath mint!!!









2014-02-18 17.15.32

Let’s be donkeys!

We're cute, hug us!

We’re cute, hug us

Then we did our cute and really weird poses. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought Magic had been a model. He’s so great!



On a more Balletic note, the Grade 6 dance demo (which I’m gonna call the AGM), is next Friday. Leotards have been bought, tights checked, and shoes cleaned. Wish us good luck, and cross all your fingers.

Squeaky clean

Squeaky clean

Thanks for sticking around, readers

A Whole New Look

Hello dear, loyal readers. As you can see, I have made quite a few changes around here. First of all, please go check out my new blog ‘Feeding the Farm Family‘. My first post is already up! If you are interested, hop over there and click the follow button (one follow button for two blogs is kinda hard to organize).


Siobhan is as cheeky as ever. We don’t ride her anymore, as she gave us one concussion too many. I actually managed to capture Firn falling off Siobhan once, the photo went viral on Facebook. My sister is famous for being flung over a horses head, that is something to boast with. I still work with her, teaching her tricks like picking up hoof picks, which she latches onto surprisingly quickly! Firn and Siobhan still don’t like each other much, but for a treat, she’ll do anything.

To get this gorgeous pose out of her, Firn stood behind me flapping a bright yellow raincoat...

To get this gorgeous pose out of her, Firn stood behind me flapping a bright yellow raincoat…

Photo credit: Valeur Photography

Photo credit: Valeur Photography

My ballet has moved forward, I am preparing for my Advanced 1 exam. The work is million times more difficult than the last exam, but it is surprisingly fun. Also, the ballet teacher’s daughter and I are going to do a demonstration of the new Grade 6 ballet work. In-front of the entire DASA board of examiners… Yeah, nothing to worry about, we still have two weeks. Who am I kidding, freaking out is definitely going to happen!

Last year we had a wonderful ‘Wizard of Oz’ themed concert. I was Dorothy, and often had to wing my acting scenes. That awkward moment on stage when you just stand there and smile, hoping someone backstage will notice you forgot some thing, and mime it to you. Thank you people standing around back stage doing nothing, it’s an important job.

Firn managed to escape being on stage, or even back stage. Still, she had to be involved in some way, so I made her write the programs. Poor thing will be haunted by ballet for the rest of her life.

Thank you for sticking with me readers. I plan to post something every weekend.

Until then…….