An Impulsive Photo day

As I meandered down to the horse with Firn, I decided to have a little Photo day…

I started playing with Siobhan

She didn't want to smile for the camera

She didn’t want to smile for the camera

Who proudly did her (only) trick.

I'm holding a hoof pick, I'm holding a hoof pick!

I’m holding a hoof pick, I’m holding a hoof pick!

These are my attempts, and failures at selfies. I really need to work on my aim…

2014-02-18 17.10.54

Thunder decided that my fingers looked like carrots

2014-02-18 17.13.34

I look like a seductive Vampire in this one, but I was looking into the sun. Firn’s ‘what the hell’ look is perfect

My aim was way off, I know.

My aim was way off









I decided that the selfies wheren’t working, so I got Firn to take a photos of me and Magic. Magic is Firn’s six year-old show jumping Thoroughbred. But he is so cute, it’s crazy.

Kisses? For Me?

Kisses? For Me?

You need a breath mint!!!

You need a breath mint!!!









2014-02-18 17.15.32

Let’s be donkeys!

We're cute, hug us!

We’re cute, hug us

Then we did our cute and really weird poses. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought Magic had been a model. He’s so great!



On a more Balletic note, the Grade 6 dance demo (which I’m gonna call the AGM), is next Friday. Leotards have been bought, tights checked, and shoes cleaned. Wish us good luck, and cross all your fingers.

Squeaky clean

Squeaky clean

Thanks for sticking around, readers


4 thoughts on “An Impulsive Photo day

      • Oh thanks that’s so nice of you! I will take a look for sure 🙂 I have a horse myself so I’m always eager to read other horse related blogs!

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