Kittens and Cuteness

Hello dear Readers

I realize that I have not posted for a good week or so, but I have good reason…

2014-03-04 16.05.00

Yes, that is a little kitten. Yes, it is on my lap. And, yes, that is a tiny bottle with a tiny teat.

The story behind this picture; One of our beloved and spoiled shed cats, named Cecilia, had kittens. Normal. Then she got mastitis. I’m not sure how to explain it, but most mammals get it. Humans too. So, with the momma cat unable to feed her six four week old babies… Our most patient farm hand, let’s call him J, took them in. J is the most experienced of the guys that work here, and so we handed him the kittens and prayed. Almost a month later, and it was J’s turn to go on leave. So, it was our turn with the kitties.

This is how my day would go:

Wake up at about 5:00 AM. The moment you move, the kittens wake up and start meowing. Wander into the kitchen and put a cup of cow milk in the microwave. Take the kittens and their cage into the bathroom and place them next to the resident rabbit. You don’t want kitty poop on your precious wood floor. Go back to the kitchen. Mix ‘Kitty Milk’ powder into hot milk, whisk with a fancy whisk you bought years ago but never used. Fill up two bottles, and take the bottles and left over milk into the bathroom.

Take out the littlest runt. Cause who doesn’t have a soft spot for runts? Plug the bottle into the Calico kitten’s mouth. Watch sleepily as the kitten guzzels and milk spills onto your favorite dressing gown. Pop the now full and purring kitten into your dressing gown, next to your heart. Take out the little ginger. Tell him he looks like a rapper kitten, while he sucks away. Glare at the rabbit when she starts jumping around. Place rapper kitty in your lap. While taking out the last runt, shove the other big kittens out of the way. This one is a little grey, named Gollum for his big eyes (think Lord of the Rings). Aww at his cuteness

Compare to the picture below

Compare to the picture below

Photo credit: GreatVectors Blog

Photo credit: GreatVectors Blog

While to two big gingers aren’t looking, pull out the silvery kitty. Plug her in. Shout (quietly) at yourself for calling her Frostfur, her cousin is called Frostfur and they could be twins. Feel sorry for the last two kittens, you don’t want to leave just one in the cage. He might think you hate him. Take them both out and struggle to feed two kitten at once, while keeping other kitties away. When the gingers are full, do a second feed to make sure everyone is full. You know they are all well fed, when they curl up in your lap. Look for a lap full of happy and purr.

2014-03-06 16.16.59

Smile, gently take them off your lap and wonder off the get dressed and eat brekkie.

Repeat at 10:30, 01:30, 04:30 and 08:00. Oh, and once in the night if they mew.

Lay on the ground with kitten crawling all over you. Just call me the kitty play ground

Kittens everywhere

Kittens everywhere