My Amateur Photography

Finally, we have a proper camera! I love running around with it and taking pictures of anything and anyone. Seeing as this kind of annoys my family, something about it being hard to work when I’m shoving a camera lens in their face, I generally stick to photographing animals and nature. Noting that I am still figuring out how the camera works and that all I really do is point and shoot, here are some of my favourite shots so far:

Usually I take the camera down when Firn goes to feed the horses, to get some photos of the horses without any tack. This was taken at dusk and I rather like the darker look of this photo.


A morning shot of my mom’s jack russel down at the horses

He is seriously the most photogenic dog I have ever seen

He is seriously the most photogenic dog I have ever seen

Horse shows are also a very good time to get some unplanned, natural type photographs

I love this one, my awesome parents at one of Firn's horse shows

A sweet moment between my parents captured forever

This was in the late afternoon when I had just finished working with my horse Flare. Her summer coat looks gorgeous in the about to set sun. This was actually taken with my Samsung S4 mini’s camera.


Unlike most of our other horses, I don’t have to perform like an idiot to get her to prick her ears

Firn and her riding instructors daughter, Zoe, in our house. I love the look on Firns face in this and try very hard to ignore the not so great background.


She is the prettiest little girl and has gotten used to me dancing around her with my camera

One of my favourite photos is a close up of the horses eye, with the rider leaning down on their neck and sort of out of focus. Below is Firn and Arwen (you can read more about them here) and Flare and I. Please note that Firn took the second one.


Very focused on the eye, with the rider more in the background


This was taken from slightly further away, still with the focus on the horse, but seeing more of both horse and rider


The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horses ears